Japanese food isn’t just sushi – although we have that too of course – it’s much more than that. Rice bowls, Japanese curry, Gyoza, we have it all. Make your way to our Japanese section on our website to see Pompoko for a wide variety of Japanese foods, Sushi Garden for all kinds of masterfully made sushi, and Tropical Sushi for fusion food of all kinds.

Japanese food may be different to what you’re used to from Western cuisine, but no less delicious. There is a reason these are popular restaurants. The flavour fills your mouth in a completely different, but amazing, way and it fills you up very nicely. Whether you’re omnivorous, vegetarian or vegan, there are dishes here for you. Try a rice bowl for a big, filling meal, or a Japanese curry for a bit of a kick to the taste buds. Have a Mochi for dessert for a completely new experience. And if it’s sushi you’re after, we have that in spades. Any flavour combination you can imagine, we can deliver straight to you.