Posted by on February 8, 2016

Homeslice, Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden

Let me begin by saying the pizzas here are some of the best I’ve ever had anywhere. That even includes the pizzas I’ve eaten in Italy.

Located in a tiny premises tucked away in Covent Garden’s Neal’s Yard, Homeslice is a thoroughly down-to-earth affair. You don’t come here for the airs and graces of fine dining, it’s for the awesome slices of pizza with interesting and thoughtful flavor combinations that pulls in the streams of punters queuing at the door. From the moment you cross the threshold, you notice all of the staff are passionate about what they do, friendly, enthusiastic and the service is great.

The pizzas really are the stars of the show. The system of ordering is pretty straightforward. Firstly, you can’t book as it’s only walk in off the street. Arrive early and announce yourself to the front of house who takes care of seating. They’ll take your name and number. Head off to the pub, expect to drink pints for an hour to hour and a half in terms of your waiting time. You’ll get a call. Come back fast.

In terms of ordering – the pizzas are sold by the slice or a huge 20” behemoth. The pizzas are thin crust and Neapolitan in style. What did we order? Between two people one 20” half and half. You get to pick between the constantly rotating flavours and toppings. I chose slow cooked goat’s shoulder, mozzarella and lettuce topped off with a garlicky yoghurt based sauce. The other half of the pizza was aubergine, cheddar, mozzarella, harrissa and spinach. The pizzas come fully loaded, tons of toppings and if you’re hungry, one 20” pizza is perfect for two people. The goat’s shoulder was unctuous and melts in the mouth. The aubergine, spinach and harrissa pizza had a smoky complexity that made it extremely moreish.

Other things to note – this is about getting your hands dirty, and as I said there are no airs and graces about this place, it’s about great food made from fine produce sold at reasonable prices. There is no cutlery and you’re given paper plates to eat your pizza, which is served on the wooden board it’s cooked on in their wood-fired oven. If you order wine, be careful – they bring a giant sized bottle which is sold to you in terms of they measure what you consume and price it up from there. So for example I topped up my wine glass to the natural indentation of the glass and was charged £4 for what I would imagine might be around 75 – 100 ml.

The bill for two people sharing one 20”pizza, two different topping styles and two glasses of wine and water came to around £33. A veritable bargain for great food in a no-frills and non-pretentious setting.

Score: 9 out of 10